What is the average wait time for an appointment?

Four to six months.

I want to schedule a reading, how should I contact you?

Please use the online appointment scheduler to book consultations or phone me at 708-586-0052.

I’ve scheduled my appointment, now what?

Clients will receive a confirmation phone call or email a couple of days prior to the session, please confirm or cancel your session by responding.  At the time of the session, I will call clients within the United States.  International clients will need to phone me at the appointed time on my office number; 708-586-0052.   Please visit the “How to prepare for a session” section of my consultations page for additional information.

How do I pay for my session?

Please do not pre-pay for consultations.  Payment is expected on the day of our appointment and can be made via PayPal (found on the “Schedule Appointment” page) or clients can give me Visa/Master Card information over the phone.

Do you work in person or over the phone?

98% of my readings are done over the phone.  I prefer this method of connecting with clients because I am not distracted by body language or psychic impressions that may come though in a face to face session.

What are your normal office hours?

I am currently open by appointment only. Readings are offered only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Do you offer evening appointments?  

Yes, I do work most Tuesday & Wednesday evenings.  The latest I’ll schedule an appointment is 6:00 pm.

Do you record the session?

I am happy to record the session at no additional cost and will send a copy of the file via email.  Once you receive an email that indicates that the file is ready to be downloaded, you will have only 7 days to access the recording.  Please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email within 24 hours of your session. Please note that recordings are not guaranteed as technical glitches do occur occasionally.

What if I don’t like my reading?

If in the first 15 minutes of the appointment you don’t get the sense that this will be a valuable experience for you, please let me know and I’ll close the Records and won’t charge for the time.

Can you connect with deceased people during a session?

Yes, individual loved ones can and often will step forward during a session.  Please ask about them during the session!

I am a student of Christina’s and I have a question about working with the Akashic Records, what is the best way for me to contact her? 

I prefer for you to phone me at my office 708-586-0052 with questions and if I am not available in that moment, leave a message letting me know when the best times are for me to return your call.   Also, please participate in my free tele-conference calls!  This is a wonderful format for students to share experiences and ask questions regarding working in the Records.  See my quarterly newsletter for upcoming dates and times.

Did you use Photoshop for the pictures of the heart shaped rocks?

No, those are natural heart shaped rocks! I began finding them several years ago shortly after I released the desire to see love everywhere I looked.