Akashic Records

akashicrecordsWhat is the Akashic Record? 

The Akashic Record is a vibrational record of every person’s Soul and its journey.  This vibrational record exists everywhere in its wholeness, and is completely available in all places.  The Record contains   all past, present, and future possibilities.  It is an experiential body of knowledge and compassion.  One of the ways to access this profound source is through a Sacred Prayer.

How Are Akashic Records Accessed? 

Over time, there have been many different ways to get into the Akashic Records.  This collective of spiritual consciousness is best revealed through spiritual means, such as prayer.   When an individual’s Records are opened for a reading by an Akashic Records consultant, a specific sacred prayer will be employed.  This is called the Pathway Prayer Process©, which is a conscious, responsible way to access a rich resource of spiritual wisdom and guidance.

What is the Value of Working in the Akashic Records? 

The primary experience of being in the Akashic Records is one of being both known and loved.  Having this opportunity to be understood and accepted is positive for everyone.   Experiencing the richness of the Records can help people in every area of life.  In creative endeavors, many have used the Records in their writing, photography, painting, poetry, pottery, and music. Working in the Records can also help business people to understand the spiritual nature of their contribution to the world.  Insight and guidance from the Records can assist all of us to see our work at its highest value, as well as helping us to deliver our goods and services in the most loving manner possible.  Personal relationships naturally improve as we come into a greater understanding of our patterns and needs from a soul level.  This non-judgmental dimension fosters easier loving, compassion, and harmony with others.

The Akashic Records can also provide information about specific questions regarding everyday aspects of life as well as deep compelling issues—and everything in between.

Is It Real? 

Being in the Akashic Record is a distinct experience.  Perceptions, awareness, and insights not commonly available are natural to the Record.  There is an absence of judgment    and a presence of kindness.  For some, there is a dramatic shift in   the senses and sensations, but for most it is much more subtle.  A combination of emotional stillness, clarity, and illumination characterize this dimension.  Sometimes the way we know we have been in the Records is by how we feel after closing and then returning to an “ordinary” state.

What Does Akashic Mean? 

“Akasha is a Sanskrit word, and means ‘Primary Substance’—that out of which all things are formed.  It is the first stage of crystallization of Spirit  . . . This Akasha, or Primary Substance, is of exquisite fineness and is so sensitive that the slightest vibration of an ether any place in   the universe registers an indelible impression upon it.” *

*Levi, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ (Marina del Ray, CA:  DeVorss & Company, 1907), p. 10.

Copyright© 2003 Linda Howe,The Center for Akashic Studies. Used with permission