About Christina

Christina Cross is a full time Akashic Records consultant and teacher with two decades of experience.

Christina began her spiritual explorations when she received a tarot card reading for a birthday gift at the age of 22.  That reading launched Christina on a quest to explore and honor her own intuitive gifts and abilities.   She began exploring the metaphysics and read just about anything she could get her hands on.  After several years of attempting to understand the spiritual dimension and hone in on her spiritual gifts, Christina learned about Edgar Cayce and The Akashic Records.  Something about Cayce and his magnificent work seemed very familiar and rang true to Christina.

So, when In 1998 Christina received an invitation to learn how to read the Akashic Records from Linda Howe, the woman that had given her such a remarkable reading at age 22, she knew she had to respond.  Linda, since that reading, had become a certified teacher of the Sacred Prayer Method™ of accessing the Akashic Records.  Christina answered the calling and attended the “Akashic Records Beginning Class” workshop and experienced a sense of acceptance and appreciation for herself and others unlike anything she had ever encountered. Christina “got it” that if everyone on this planet would take time to experience their own magnificence we would truly live in a peaceful world.  There would be no competition or need to be better than or less than, that all of humanity could and would live in harmony and appreciation of the fact that each and every one of us is a unique and perfect expression of the Divine.  This incredible experience resonated deep into her being and transformed the course of her life.

Christina knew that she had to share this message and experience with others. So after thirteen years in the childcare field (work which she loved deeply), she pursued her newly illuminated life-purpose and began reading the Records on a full-time basis.   Christina continued her education by taking advanced classes with many inspiring and powerful teachers including Mary Parker, Ellena Lieberman, Ed Conmey, Linda Berger, Julie Markoff and Linda Howe.  In 1999 Christina began assisting Linda Howe in Akashic Records courses and then moved on to become the Assistant Director of the Linda Howe Center for Energy Integrity, School of Akashic Studies (later to be renamed The Center for Akashic Studies) a position she held until 2006.   During that time Christina’s desire to teach was born and in 2003 she became a Certified Teacher (and later Advanced Certified Teacher) of the Pathway Prayer Process© offering “certification courses” through early 2017.

To date, Christina remains in awe of the loving energy and information that effortlessly pours forth from the Akashic Records and enjoys continued opportunities to share that experience with others via workshops, consultations and mentoring sessions.  Throughout the years, Christina has worked with thousands of students and clients from around the world and cannot imagine life without this wonderful spiritual resource.  When not sharing the Akashic Records, Christina enjoys spending time with her loving husband and feeds her passion for hunting for hearts in nature.